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Current Issue

February 22, 2024

What you need to know this week in Redding

Eversource seeks a 19% rate hike to recover CT's imposed costs


Remembering Redding: Learn more about the history of black homeownership in Redding


Non-profit organization Trout Unlimited plans to conduct a feasibility study in Redding to look at impact of dams on Norwalk River fish habitat

Photo by Andrew Elliott
Featured in Volume 2/Issue 34, February 22, 2024 

“The newspaper ties a region together, helps it make sense of itself, fosters a sense of community, serves as a village square…” – Margaret Sullivan, Ghosting the News   






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Photo by Debora DeCarlo Rosa
Featured in Volume 1/Issue 4, September 1, 2022

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Photo by Dominique Pignone
Featured in Volume 1/Issue 3, June 2022

cover oct 12 lonetownbarn_thereddingrone_09262023_02.jpg

Photo by TheReddingDrone
Featured in Volume 2/Issue 19, October 12, 2023

12.1.22 cover photo - snow.jpeg

Photo by Jessie Wright
Featured in Volume 1/Issue 13, December 1, 2022

Each issue of Redding Sentinel features images from around the town taken by local photographers.

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