The new independent newspaper for the town of Redding published its first three issues in April, May and June 2022. After a summer hiatus, the next issue will be published September 1, 2022. There will be 40 issues published between September 1, 2022 and August 31, 2023.


We will publish bi-weekly in September and October and from the October 27 issue we plan to be weekly. Going forward, we will publish weekly except over Christmas / New Year’s, and in January, July and August when publication will be less frequent. The full publication schedule and information about space and creative deadlines are at the end of this document.


Approximately 24% of Redding households have subscribed to the Sentinel. In addition, copies have been on sale in Georgetown (Old Mill Market, Uncle Leo's and Caraluzzi’s) and Redding Ridge, at Pignone’s Ridge Market. Circulation generally is paid, although we also make copies available in the schools and at the Mark Twain Library. You can have confidence your ad will be seen by the Redding residents you hope to reach, and your advertising will support our venture to bring a local newspaper back to town.


If you advertised in any of the first three issues, please note that the discount schedule below has changed. Smaller ad units will now benefit from a greater discount while larger ones will carry a smaller discount. We have added greater discounts for more insertions. One other change to note, we are retiring the vertical quarter page and replacing it with a horizontal format. Advertisers who have pre-booked the vertical format may keep that format for the pre-booked insertion or switch to the new one.

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