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We are the independent newspaper for the town of Redding, Connecticut.

Our mission is to provide trusted and relevant news, information and a forum for discussion in the town of Redding. 

“I have been a Redding resident since 1996. Let me start by emphatically stating how thrilled I am that Redding has its own newspaper again!”

"As one example of your impact, I read in the Sentinel that there was a newly created part of the Norwalk Valley River trail about 300 yards from my house. I was completely unaware of this!  Thank you."


“So good to read a Redding paper again......excellent articles, very good to see the wide assortment of advertisements. I’ve spoken with many people, all positive…”

Our readers are locally engaged. 

Our reader survey found that 97% are interested in town-wide activities, 93% in town government matters, and 89% in local businesses. More than 85% are interested in local resources and organizations. 

When asked to comment on their interests, one reader summed it up by saying “Redding, Redding, Redding”.  

Our readers are educated, affluent homeowners.

Median age 41. Median household income $136,000. More than 66% have college degrees.

Our reach is growing: Readership 2,400

Paid circulation 950 – subscription and newsstand -- reaches more than 30% of Redding households and is increasing every day.

The Redding Sentinel is the best way to reach Redding residents as a whole other than through costly direct mail. You can have confidence your ad will be seen by the Redding residents you want to reach.   

There are about 40 issues of the Sentinel published each year. Publication is less frequent over Christmas / New Year’s, and in January, July and August. The full publication schedule and information about space and creative deadlines can be found below. 


Please call or e-mail with any questions. | 203.938.3800

Susan Clark, Publisher

  Display Ad Unit Sizes and Pricing  

Contact for more information or for custom sizes and solutions.

We are happy to offer a 10% discount to schools and non-profit organizations.

Color is available for any ad size at an up-charge of 10%

Ad Guidelines

The Sentinel is printed using a cold web process. 

To achieve the best printed results, try to avoid using very thin knock-out type on a colored background.

Try to avoid very small type.

   Other Opportunities   

  • Digital: One sponsorship per issue is available for the e-mail sent to subscribers with the link to the digital edition of the Sentinel. $50 per issue  

  • Featured Event on the Calendar Page: $30

  • Obituary: Free of charge

  • Classified: $25 per column inch


  • Legal Notice: $35 per column inch

   Publishing Schedule   

The Redding Sentinel is published on Thursdays, on the dates shown here for the coming year.

Advertising space requests should be made by the Friday before the desired publication date.

Artwork is needed by close of business Monday in the week of publication.

A date in red indicates a week when the Sentinel will not be published.

2023 - 2024

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